Instagram Media Services

Attract more followers, increase engagement and get your Instagram account noticed by major brands and thousands of new clients.

Who am I?

Hello, my name is Corey Franklin

I have been marketing on Instagram for several years, but fully focused since late 2017. I have had the privilege to work with some startup brands as well as larger brands, helping them create exposure to a new audience, which led to leads, collaborations, network opportunities, sales and more! Recently I have been focusing more on Instagram Consulting & Growth Services. Check out some of the results below that I have been able to achieve on some of my personal accounts, as well as client accounts.

How MY TEAM Can Help You

Client spots are limited so WE can deliver the best possible results

An Account Strategy Plan

We will come up with a strategy for your Instagram account so that we can make it stand out and position it for the best possible growth & marketing.

Safe Organic Growth

The team will take the safest approach to create organic growth on your account to ensure the longevity of your account.

Account Management

Consistency is crucial for an account’s growth. That’s why we offer monthly account mgmt. so that you don’t have to spend your time making posts, replying to comments/messages or growing your audience.

Proper Engagement

Proper engagement is very important. You can provide value through engaging with your audience the right way, and in return they become loyal fans. 

Why Instagram?

Instagram Facts Every Business Owner Should Know

Instagram has become one of the fastest growing social media platforms as well as one of the top!

There are hundreds of millions if not a billion of monthly users, which is growing every month.

Over 2 million of those being advertisers spending money.

Your audience is unlimited, ranging from teens to 50+ being active on Instagram.

Users are more likely to purchase on Instagram due to being visually connected to the brand or products.

Around 80% of people like it when they can see the product and click it to view more info/purchase.

Instagram has a high conversion rate due to users being able to view products more easily. The carousel photo effect helps create a more visual experience.

You have a higher chance of creating organic reach/growth on Instagram compared to other Social Media platforms.

So What Have I Been Able To Accomplish?

See For Yourself...

1 Million+ Impressions in 1 day, with over 11 Million in a week!

Over 1,200 Followers From 1 Post

Almost 2,000 Followers on 1 Post

Almost 1 Million Impressions with an account that had less than 10K followers!

Almost 40,000 Likes, 1,000 Comments, 14,800 Saves

Brand New Account with less than 10,000 Followers

Want Results Like This For Your Account?

Use the form below and let us know your account goals and also a budget your comfortable with so we can see if we are a good fit for you and propose an optimal strategy. We have several options available starting from $250 per month.

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